Can you name the different parts of the chicken? Here's a simple infographic showing the different cuts of poultry

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Can you name the different parts of the chicken? Here's a simple infographic showing the different cuts of poultry

We know it's not super clear and there isn't too much information out there about the different parts of a chicken! As a chicken wholesaler, we wanted to create a quick and simple infographic to provide the common cuts of a chicken and what exactly they are. Hopefully, this makes things a bit clearer about all the different parts of poultry!

Infographic by Lang Hing Wholesale Meat (Toronto) about the different cuts and different parts of a chicken. Infographic shows a diagram of the chicken, as well as the different cuts such as the chicken wing, chicken breast, chicken leg and the whole chicken.

Typically, the chicken consumers buy can be split up into 6 major pieces. This includes the whole chicken, the chicken wings, the chicken leg, the chicken breasts, the chicken thighs, and the chicken drumstick. 

Whole chicken: The whole chicken is basically the chicken that comes in for processing after being de-feathered and slaughtered. This whole chicken can be enjoyed like a Turkey but it can also be split into 4 major parts — leg, wings, breasts, and thighs. Typically, the whole chicken would be the cheapest to buy, since none of the labour of cutting the chicken would be included.

Chicken Leg: You don't see the chicken leg a lot at the supermarket. This is because the chicken leg is usually split into the chicken thigh and the chicken drumstick, as they are more commonly bought. This piece of chicken is considered to be dark meat and typically contains more cholesterol and saturated fats compared to white meat like chicken breasts. 

Chicken Wings: We all know about chicken wings. They are a staple food for any party, event or spots gathering. The chicken wings can actually be split into 3 major parts, including the drumette, wingette and the tip. The tip doesn't really have that much usage but the drumette and wingette can typically be found in the sports bars. Super versatile and the piece of chicken that is perfect for almost any occasion. Below is an image that shows the cut-up parts of the chicken wing: 

An image showing the different parts of the chicken wing (drumette, wingette and tip)

Chicken Breast: When you need to bulk for the season, people typically go for chicken breasts. Known to be the healthiest part of the chicken, the breasts have relatively low saturated fats. Although depending on how you cook this, the chicken breast (or poultry breast in general) can feel a bit tough. Not the most flavourful part of the chicken but goes super well with some salad dressing and greens.  

Chicken Thigh: My personal favourite part of the chicken. The chicken thigh can be enjoyed with or without the bone and contains a lot of flavour and juice being dark meat and containing some great chicken skin. Deep-frying is one of the best ways to enjoy this piece of meat. 

Chicken drumstick: Easy to eat, fast to cook. The chicken drumstick is a consumer-favourite oftentimes. There are countless ways to enjoy the chicken and because it's the drumstick, it's easy to pick up and just eat (please wash your hands though). We recommend going with an over-bake recipe or having this in a BBQ for like 20 minutes. We can't recommend this tender piece of chicken enough.


Now that you've learnt a little something new about chicken, why don't you purchase some chicken? Get fresh, raw chicken at our company's store here!

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