Frozen Split Chicken Wings [Wingettes/Flat] (LARGE)

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Wholesale fresh, raw chicken wings for sale at our Scarborough location!

Raised at some of the best local farms in Canada, these chickens come straight from the source. Once received, the whole chicken wings are hand-split into its various parts (wingettes, drumettes, and the tip) and the wingettes are carefully picked out from the pile and directly moved into the freezer to ensure the goodness and deliciousness is always there. Proudly Canadian, support your local business today by purchasing these wingettes. If you prefer having an assortment of wingettes and drumettes, we sell those too! 

We sell the wingettes in quantities of 10 lbs, which will feed a decently large party. Perfect for small gatherings, large gatherings, BBQs, and everything in between, have these chicken wings with your favourite sauces and everyone will be happy.