Frozen (Sealed) AAA Premium 4-bone Beef Short Ribs — 5lbs

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Korean BBQ has brought friends and families together for ages! One of the core dishes of any great Korean BBQ or just BBQ, in general, is short ribs. Have you been looking for a way to level up your BBQ game? If you're in the Markham, Scarborough, Toronto, Richmond Hill, or GTA area but can't find a source for great AAA 4-bone beef short ribs, look no further. Lang Hing Wholesale is now offering the sale of premium AAA beef short ribs for all your cooking needs! These perfect short ribs are vacuum sealed and instantly frozen to preserve freshness. 

Although it is frozen, the beef short ribs are super easy to defrost and we freeze our beef short ribs during their peak freshness. Just put it in the fridge the night before or run it through some water and it will magically unfreeze itself. 

Regardless of how you will use the beef short ribs, just know that these are premium and you can taste it. The quality of the beef is AAA level. All beef short ribs are frozen fresh and our customers love it! Check Lang Hing Wholesale out if you're ever in the area!

Perfect for family gatherings, BBQ with friends, or just some home-cooked greatness.

we sell our AAA beef short ribs by the 5lbs vacuum-sealed bags!