Black Silkie Chicken (2.5 - 3lbs)

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The black silkie chicken from the local farms in Canada is commonly used in the famous and traditional herbal Chinese soup, the black silkie chicken soup. These black-skinned chickens have a lot of nutrition and are perfect slow-cooked or just boiled. Although soups are the most common uses for this chicken, making this chicken in a tasty Thai curry sauce is also enjoyed by the community.

The chickens are sold whole and per piece, without any processing done to them. They're always fresh and never frozen, and once you bring them home, they can go straight into the pot to make some delicious meals for the entire family to enjoy. Perfect for home-cooking and making some cultural dishes! 

Proudly Canadian, we at Lang Hing Wholesale Meat feel like you will full in love with the taste of these black chickens. If you're new to this breed, be sure to check online for some delicious recipes. Support your local chicken wholesaler today by purchasing some of these juicy and tender black-skinned chickens.

Buy these chickens in bulk from our Scarborough location, super close to Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, New Market, and the rest of the Greater Toronto Area.

Some recipes include: