Chicken Cartilage (Frozen Fresh)

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Also known as "Chicken soft bone".

From local Canadian farms, these high chicken cartilages were harvested manually without machines. Each piece of the cartilage is cut and quality-checked by someone before it gets added to the bag. The chicken cartilage is frozen fresh, so they will last very long. Enjoy it with confidence individually, with your family, or at a party. 

We sell our chicken cartilage frozen in bags of 5lbs a pack. They are fresh when they were frozen, and freezing them allows them to last longer. Since chicken cartilage is hard to harvest and limited in quantity (a chicken does not have a lot of chicken cartilage), the supply is limited. If you wish to buy in more bulk, we will need some advanced notice.

Buy your chicken cartilage online and pick-up in-store at our Scarborough location: 27 Milliken Blvd!

Chicken cartilage is made of strong tissues and bones that are abundant in nutrients and collagen. The collagen also helps with strong bones and joints within the human body.