Chicken Skin

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Have you been trying to look for chicken skin in Toronto, Markham, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, and the GTA in general but can't find it? Lucky for you, Lang Hing Wholesale Meat now sells chicken skin!

Every part of the chicken is delicious and the chicken skin is no exception. Chicken skin is perfect to oven-bake or deep-fry, and the result is a delicious but not the healthiest chip. Even if you don't want to deep fry the chicken skin from Ontario farms, chicken skin is a great snack for pets, as well as using it just as a flavorful cooking oil.

Regardless of your usage, get some fresh (never frozen) chicken skin. We source our chickens from Ontario farms and all of the skin is processed fresh. 

This is a must-have dish whether you're trying to make Japanese chicken skin skewers, chicken skin chips, or a simple snack while you have some beer on the side. 

We sell our chicken skin by the 10lbs bags. 🐔🐔🐔