Fresh Chicken Wings

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At Lang Hing Wholesale, we are offering wholesale raw chicken wings!

Chicken wings are a staple food for all Canadians. Whether it's for BBQs, small gatherings, family fun, or to watch a sports game — you can never go wrong with chicken wings. Being one of the most versatile parts of the chicken, these fresh chicken wings come as a whole and not split into the three main pieces (drumette, wingettes, and tip). Whether you're trying to deep-fry the chicken wings or throw them in the oven, these juicy wings will have you wanting more. 

These chicken wings come directly from local Canadian farms and are never frozen and always fresh. The Chickens were raised grass-fed and organically. These are the same fresh chickens you buy would at your local supermarket but at half the price because you're getting it directly from the source.  

Pair these chicken wings with your favourite sauces and you'll be ready to go. Buy your fresh, full chicken wings online and pick up in-store at our Scarborough location!

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