Frozen Split Chicken Wings [Drumette + Wingettes] (LARGE)

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We're selling wholesale raw chicken wings in Toronto, Scarborough, Markham and the GTA in general! Proudly raised in Canada, these frozen split chicken wings includes both the drumette and the wingettes. If you prefer just the wingettes, that's okay too because we sell that separately. Right after processing our fresh chicken wings from the local farms, these split wings go straight into the freezer to ensure that the quality is there. These chicken wings are ideal for parties and cooking your guests a little something to eat as you enjoy your day. 

Buy your split wings online today and have them ready for pick up within one business day! We guarantee these are going to keep you coming back.

These chickens are always quick and easy to prepare. Perfect for weeknight dinners and we guarantee that they are full of succulence and flavour.